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2013 Winners

The 2013 CEO Awards of Excellence were presented on June 12, 2013. Seven outstanding individuals and teams were chosen from among more than 60 nominations. The awards are part of Eastern Health’s Employee Recognition Week.

Awards were presented in the categories of Innovation, Service Excellence, Leadership Excellence, Team
Excellence, Mentoring, Safety and Community Capacity Building. The winners are as follows:
Tom Casey
Tom Casey is a Senior Analyst in Budgeting and Decision Support who single-handedly developed and implemented a budgeting package to streamline the organization’s monthly and annual budgeting process.
Tom Casey, Award Winner, Innovation
Service Excellence:
Rita Tremblett
Rita Tremblett, a Domestic Worker at the Health Sciences Centre, demonstrated excellence during a recent Clostridium difficile (C.difficile) outbreak and went above and beyond of what was expected to reduce the risks of potential transmission.
Rita Tremblett, Award Winner, Service Excellence
Judy Coffin
Judy Coffin, Quality Program Manager for Medical Services and Diagnostics, brings a focus on quality and safety and is an excellent mentor to the laboratory’s quality team.
Judy Coffin, Award Winner, Mentoring
Team Excellence:
Stem Cell Transplant Team
Since 2001, the Stem Cell Transplant Team has provided superior care to individuals in a values-based way, guided by integrity and a strong commitment to excellence.
Stem Cell Transplant Team, Award Winner, Team Excellence

OHS Committee – Building 532
This committee played an integral role in the successful resolution of a significant occupational health and safety issue this past year at Building 532 in Pleasantville.
OHS Committee, Blg 532, Award Winner, Safety

Community Capacity Building:
Tammy Greening and Sherry Kennedy
Tammy Greening and Sherry Kennedy, co-chairs of the Eastern Regional Wellness Coalition, connect groups and strengthening the communities we serve.
Tammy Greening and Sherry Kennedy, Award Winners, Community Capacity Building

Leadership Excellence:

Jeanne Robertson
Jeanne Robertson is the Regional Director for Children’s and Women’s Health. Ms. Robertson is described as a constant source of motivation and empowerment and who supports professional development and team success with her “can do” attitude.
Jeanne Robertson, Award Winner, Leadership Excellence
Other Winners:


Updated Jun 24, 2016