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More than Half a Century of Service, Placentia Hospital Auxiliary

By Wayne Osmond, Regional Coordinator, Therapeutic Recreation and Outreach Services

It was 1958. The Department of Health at the time approached Dr. William Collingwood, a physician at the former Placentia Cottage Hospital, to form a volunteer auxiliary. Dr. Collingwood brought together a group of interested parties and on February 4, 1958 the Placentia Hospital Auxiliary was formed - and is still in existence today.

When the Auxiliary was initially founded, members were involved in things such as visiting patients on a regular basis, writing letters for patients and conducting personal shopping requests for items such as books, razors and other items.

Times Have Changed
These days, there is a big focus on fundraising activities, which benefit both the patients of the Placentia Hospital and the residents of Lions Manor Nursing Home. Money raised goes to the Trinity Conception/Placentia Health Foundation and is used to obtain necessary equipment for these facilities.

About the Auxiliary
The Placentia Hospital Auxiliary meets on the first Wednesday of every month. They currently have 22 active members and four honorary members. They organize two main fundraisers per year and also participate in various activities including monthly bingo, Christmas and Easter events, and community activities such as parades.

Mrs. Kathleen O’Rielly is the current president of this very active group of ladies and shared why they do what they do.

Q. What are the benefits of volunteering?
A. “Members love to see how their visits bring happiness to the patients and residents of the hospital and nursing home. They add to the ambiance and atmosphere, help the residents/patients pass time and provide enjoyment.”

Q. Why does the Auxiliary continue to do this work?
A. “ Volunteering makes the Auxiliary members feel needed and lets the volunteers know that the services such as fundraising are beneficial to others.”

Q. Will the Auxiliary continue with this work?
A. The challenge right now attracting new members. We know we provide a valuable service and we’ll certainly continue volunteering for as long as we can and for as long as we are needed.

If you would like to volunteer with the Auxiliary, please contact Wayne Osmond at 945-5424, or by email at


Updated Apr 15, 2013