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Volunteer inspired by Volunteer Work to do Nursing Degree

Volunteer Megan McGrath  

I was a volunteer at Glenbrook Lodge from September 2009 to December 2011 while I was completing my Bachelor of Science degree in psychology.

I loved every minute of my volunteer experience! I learned so much and I feel it really was a great life experience. I became close to many of the residents. I would bring them to and from their appointments at the beauty salon (which they loved very much, of course!) and visit and chat with them whenever I had a spare minute.

In addition, I loved the staff at Glenbrook Lodge. They were very friendly, helpful, and welcoming. 

In the last semester of my degree I realized I wanted to do nursing. Therefore I applied to MUN's fast track nursing program which I started in September 2012.

I am currently in my second semester which consists of a clinical course in long-term care. And it just so happened that I am completing my clinical rotation at Glenbrook Lodge, which I am very happy about! It is most definitely where I wanted and where I hoped to be placed! I am greatly enjoying my time at Glenbrook Lodge.


Updated Apr 24, 2013