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Condom - Internal (female condom) 

What is it?

The female/internal condom is a soft, disposable, polyurethane sheath.

How does it work?

The female/internal condom lines the vagina completely, preventing direct contact between the penis and vagina, and blocking the exchange of body fluids.

  • To learn more about the female/internal condom, visit Sex and U
Does it prevent sexually transmitted infections?

To reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), including HIV, use a condom with another method of contraception.  This is referred to as dual protection.  Most birth control or contraceptive methods will not protect a person from STI’s

To be effective, birth control must be used correctly and consistently. If you want to prevent pregnancy, choose a method that you and your partner will use every time you have intercourse.

Talk to your health care provider or visit a sexual health clinic to find out what might work best for you and your partner.

  • To learn more about birth control or contraception choices, visit Sex and U

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Updated Mar 14, 2017