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2012 Hand Hygiene Audit Results

2012 Hand Hygiene Audit ResultsThe results of Eastern Health's 2012 hand hygiene audit indicate the rate of compliance has decreased when compared to the 2011 audit. The overall rate of compliance has decreased by two per cent, from approximately 53 per cent in 2011 to 51 per cent in 2012. When the compliance rate for the emergency departments is factored in, the compliance rate drops to 49 per cent. Emergency departments were not audited in 2011. There were some areas of improvement over the 2011 audit conducted, however, with 14 of the 27 sites showing an increase in compliance.

The hand hygiene audit was conducted during the summer of 2012 and monitored hand washing practices in clinical inpatient units and emergency departments at 27 long-term care and acute care sites throughout the eastern region. Infection control practitioners from Eastern Health’s Infection Control and Prevention Program conducted more than 7000 observations during the audit, which included 100 observations for every 50 beds.
It should be noted that the results of the hand hygiene audit do not mean employees are not washing their hands; rather, it means they do not always wash their hands at the appropriate times, as measured in this audit: specifically, both before and after patient and/or patient environment contact. Eastern Health’s Infection Prevention and Control Program will work more closely with our physicians, staff and senior management to identify reasons for non-compliance and implement an action plan for stricter adherence to this fundamental safety practice for the benefit of those we serve.


Updated Jul 4, 2017