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Priority Areas for Action

There are many competing issues that impact on the health of the population. Determining priorities helps direct resources to the areas that have the potential to have the greatest impact on the overall health of the population. The priority areas for action including the goals for 2012‐2017 are:

1. Promoting Physical Activity and Active Communities (PDF) 

3. Improving the Prevention and Management of Chronic Diseases 

4. Promoting Sexual Health and Wellbeing (PDF) 

5. Promoting Healthy Child Development (PDF) 

6. Preventing Injury (PDF) 

7. Promoting Healthy Schools (PDF) 

8. Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing (PDF) 

9. Reducing Substance Use Risks and Harms (PDF) 

10. Promoting Healthy Eating (PDF)  

11. Promoting Healthy Eating/Breastfeeding (PDF)  

An overview of each priority area for action is provided in Working in Health Promoting Ways: Where We Live, Work, Learn and Play. Each priority area for action summary is based on the decision making criteria used in the selection of the priorities. They are:
  • Impact and scale of the issue
  • Degree of health inequalities
  • Evidence that health promotion and prevention action can bring about change
  • Opportunities and capacity to address the issue
  • Stakeholder support

Each priority area for action is accompanied by an action plan.


Updated Apr 9, 2013