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Section 1: Ordering Chemotherapy 
Section 2: Pharmacy 
Section 3: Nursing 
Administration of New Agents 
Appendix 1  

Administration of New Agents

In order to ensure patient and practitioner safety when a new agent is to be given, in addition to the procedure established by Eastern Health for the administration of chemotherapy, the following process will be followed.  A new agent is defined as any medication that is to be given as an antineoplastic or an adjunct to an antineoplastic that has not been administered previously in a particular health care facility. 
1. PRIOR to the initiation of therapy, the following criteria must be met:

a) All physicians, pharmacy and nursing staff must be aware of approved indication(s), contraindications, therapeutic dose range, dosage adjustments (if necessary), monitoring parameters and special precautions of all new agents.

b) All nursing and pharmacy staff must be aware of storage, stability, method of preparation, and recommended concentration of final product.

c) All physicians, pharmacy and nursing staff must be aware of recommended method of administration, rate of administration, potential dangers related to administration, and infusion related reactions.

d) All physician, pharmacy and nursing staff, as well as patients, must be educated with respect to potential adverse reactions, and management thereof.

e) All nursing and pharmacy staff must be aware of any issues regarding waste disposal.
2. There must be physician and nursing coverage to ensure patients are assessed by a responsible physician prior to chemotherapy delivery and throughout treatment.

3. Reference materials and information relating to the new agent must be kept where chemotherapy is given in order to facilitate access.  References should be updated yearly if necessary. 
The education listed above must be completed PRIOR to the administration of any new agent. This can be in the form of an in-service, via teleconference, videoconference, or other means deemed appropriate by the Provincial Systemic Therapy Advisory Committee. This education will be carried out by a clinical oncology pharmacist or an oncology nurse educator.

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Updated Dec 4, 2013