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Healthy Eating for Children

Healthy eating helps children grow and develop.  Parents and caregivers can help children develop healthy eating habits. 

Parents and caregivers may wonder:

  • What foods do children need?
  • How much food do they need to eat?
  • How do I help him or her to eat well?
  • What do I do when they refuse a meal?

Healthy Eating for Your Toddler Age 12-24 months (PDF) - BabyFriendlyNL has information about how parents and caregivers can help children develop healthy eating habits.  The booklet answers frequently asked questions on topics such as picky eaters, trying new foods, and refusing what is prepared for a meal.  It also contains a section on how to use Canada’s Food Guide for toddlers.

You, Your Child and Food: Healthy Eating for Preschool Children Age 2-5 years (PDF) - BabyFriendlyNL offers parents and caregivers advice on  helping children develop healthy eating habits and using Canada’s Food Guide for preschool children.

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Updated Mar 26, 2019