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Preschool Health Check Clinics

Preschool Health Check (PSHC) is the final health check in the Child Health Clinic series. PSHC is offered by community health nurses to children who have reached their fourth birthday.

What does PSHC provide?

  • Health screening (height, weight, vision, hearing)
  • Health information and support to parents in anticipating the health needs of their child
  • Reassurance of the child’s health and development
  • Referral for follow up if and when concerns are identified
  • Linkages to available and appropriate services and supports
  • Immunization (as per provincial immunization schedule)

PSHC is an opportunity for preschool aged children and their parents to avail of recommended immunizations and health screening in a relaxed yet fun and interactive manner.

PSHC clinics are held regularly at location across the region. For a listing of locations, click here .


Updated Apr 3, 2013