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Cervical Screening Initiatives Program

Eastern Health supports an organized provincial approach to cervical screening, in partnership with the other regional health authorities throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.


This program aims to improve participation in cervical screening for women of in the province through a coordination of services with other regional health authorities, non-governmental organizations, health professionals and individuals in the community.

Why have a Pap?

A routine Pap test can find cell changes at an early stage, when sexually active women have no signs or symptoms of being ill. A routine Pap test can find most cell changes but no screening test is perfect. Repeat tests ensure accuracy.
Where to get a Pap test?  


Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable cancers. One of the biggest risk factors for developing cervical cancer is NOT having a regular Pap test.

Other ways to help prevent cervical cancer are:



The provincial Cervical Screening Initiatives program works closely with all physicians, nurse practitioners, health professionals and community partners to educate the public on the importance of regular Pap screening.


  • Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, you should start Pap testing at age 21.
  • Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, your should have a Pap test once a year for three years in a row. If all results are normal, have a Pap test every three years.
  • Women with abnormal Pap history should continue with yearly Pap testing, or as recommended by their health care provider.

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Updated Aug 21, 2018