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What We Do

The cancer patient navigators will assist patients, families and caregivers respond to the challenges which go along with a suspected or confirmed cancer diagnosis.  They can help in a variety of ways:

  • Provide education and information through discussion, reading materials and recommended internet sites.  These will help to understand what is happening, make decisions and deal with possible treatment side effects
  • Offer ongoing support through the many tests, treatments and stages of the cancer experience
  • Offer advice on how to talk to your children about the cancer diagnosis
  • Provide links with other community health care professionals, support groups and programs such as home care services and accommodations while receiving cancer care away from home
  • Assist with language and cultural barriers
  • Connect with resources that may be able to assist with medications, travel and other health related costs
  • Educate you and your  family about preventative measures such as good health practices and cancer screening program
  • Answer questions and address concerns
  • Assist you and your family to prepare for medical appointments and procedures
  • Discuss ideas about communicating effectively with health care professionals, family members and others
  • Make sure you are aware of and can access needed services


Updated Jul 12, 2012