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Speech Language Pathology

Eastern Health currently employs 28 full and part-time speech-language pathologists, who provide services to children and adults while in hospital (inpatient) or within the community (outpatient).

Inpatient Speech-Language Pathology Services:

  • General Hospital
  • Janeway Children’s Health and Rehabilitation Centre
  • St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital
  • Dr. L.A. Miller Centre
  • Dr. G. B. Cross Memorial *
  • Burin Peninsula Health Care Centre *
  • Carbonear General*

    *with services also provided to a number of the health centers and long-term care homes in their areas.

Outpatient Speech-Language Pathology Services:

Dr. L.A. Miller Centre:

  • Adults (aged 16 and older) if not presently enrolled in a public secondary school
  • Call 777-6560 for more information

Janeway Developmental Team:

  • Preschoolers (birth to kindergarten entry)
  • Call 777-4957 for more information

Janeway Neuromotor Team:

  • Children who are registered with the Neuromotor program and have speech, language or swallowing needs
  • Call 777-4804 for more information

Dr. G. B. Cross Memorial Hospital:

  • Preschoolers and adults from the Clarenville and Bonavista areas
  • Call 466-5280 /5232 for more information
Rural Avalon – Taylor Building, Harbour Grace:
  • Preschoolers from the local area
  • Call 945-6532/6623  for more information

Rural Avalon - Carbonear General:

  • Adults from the local area
  • Call 945-5602 for more information

Burin Peninsula Health Care Centre:

  • Preschoolers and adults from the local area
  • Call 279-7970/7971 for more information

The Speech-Language Pathology Professional Practice Consultant is Judy Davidson, she can be reached at 709-777-8109.


Updated Aug 12, 2019