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Breast Screening



The Breast Screening Program offers screening mammography to women aged 50-74 years. Screening mammograms are available at three locations in province:  Eastern Health, Central Health and Western Health.  In addition the program also offers public education sessions on breast health, breast navigation services from abnormal screen to diagnosis, and general information on breast health awareness.

Women between the ages of 50-74 may self-refer to breast screening. 

To make an appointment:

      Eastern Health:
      (709) 777-5070
      or 1-800-414-3443 (toll-free)

      Central Health:
      (709) 256-5597
      or 1-800-414-3443 (toll-free)

      Western Health:
      (709) 634-8558
      or 1-800-414-3443 (toll-free)

You can also visit the Western Health website, Breast Screening Program.

Breast Screening Program Newfoundland & Labrador - Brochures:

General information:

For general information about the program call (709) 777-5065.   

Women younger than 50 years of age may access routine mammography with a referral from their doctor, through the diagnostic departments at hospitals within the regional health authorities.  Women in this age group should discuss with their health-care provider the risks and benefits of routine mammography and make an informed decision about having routine mammograms.


Updated Oct 30, 2017