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Cancer Care Team

Since cancer is a complex illness, a team approach to the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up will ensure you get the best possible care. We have nearly 200 dedicated staff working together to offer services to help meet your physical, social, emotional and financial needs. You and your family are the most important members of your cancer care team.

Your team will involve:Cancer Care Team
  • Your family doctor
  • Oncologists/surgeon/specialist doctors
  • Nurses
  • Radiation therapists (if you are receiving radiation therapy)
  • Pharmacists
  • Clerical staff
  • Volunteers
Your team may also include:
  • Dietitian
  • Social workers
  • Pastoral care professionals
  • Others


The full time medical staff at our cancer centres specializes in cancer treatment. Your treatment plan will be decided by an oncologist (cancer specialist) or other specialist. Your family doctor is also an important member of the cancer care team and will remain an important link in your overall health care, during and after your cancer treatments. We ensure your doctor is aware of your progress by sending updates to him/her after every visit. 
Eastern Health NurseOur registered nurses are experienced in cancer nursing. They will be your key contact throughout the treatment and management of your illness. The nurses at our cancer centres will provide you, and your family, with information about your illness and treatment and will coordinate your care. They are committed to providing you with support and information that will help you cope with your illness.

Radiation Therapist
If your treatment is radiation therapy, a registered radiation therapist will be a member of your cancer care team. Radiation therapists are highly skilled professionals who plan and deliver safe and accurate radiation therapy. All radiation therapists at the Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre are registered with the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists.  

Medical Physics

Medical physicists and dosimetrists assist to design your radiation treatment plan. They are responsible for the safety, reliability and accuracy of the radiation treatment machines.


DieticianWithin our program there are dietitians who are experienced in working with cancer patients.  They offer advice and education regarding specific nutrition issues and concerns that may be experienced by cancer patients from diagnosis through survivorship.

Working closely with cancer patients and families, our dietitians identify individual nutrition requirements.  This allows them to provide the most suitable information and guidelines for managing nutrition related issues that may go along with different types of cancer and treatments.

Our dietitians can provide advice in:
  • Adjusting your diet if you experience side effects such as:  unexpected weight gain or loss, taste changes, mouth/throat soreness, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, constipation or tube feeding concerns
  • Determining the appropriateness of alternative or complementary diets, herbs, vitamins, minerals, etc.
  • Proper use of oral nutrition supplements/shakes
  • Ensuring your nutritional requirements are met
You can make an appointment to see a dietitian by calling 1-709-777-7604, or ask a member of your health care team to refer you.

Social Work

Social workers provide individual and family counseling. They help you and your family cope with the anxiety and psychological changes that may be brought about by illness. They can help families in dealing with the challenges of managing family life and financial concerns when a loved one is affected by cancer. Any member of the family can ask to see the social worker.


Clinical pharmacists help patients manage their medications and any side effects. They help to obtain access to certain medications. They review your medications to look for any possible drug interactions. Pharmacists educate the public and health care professionals regarding medications used to treat cancer. They help ensure that your cancer medication is delivered safely.
Clinical Trials Department

This department conducts research called clinical trials. Physicians, nurses and clerical staff are responsible for the coordination of care of all patients enrolled in these trials. Your physician is constantly updated about new treatments and will advise you if they think you would benefit from participating in a clinical trial. Participation is always voluntary.

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Department
 can assist you and your family by providing counseling and support. Their services focus on the challenges that an illness brings to a person, their family and their faith.

Clerical/Support staff

Our clerical and support staff are important members of the team who are responsible for coordinating your visits for cancer care. They work closely with other team members to ensure we are well prepared for your visit.

Personal Care Attendants (PCAs)
Our personal care attendants are members of our team who are responsible for transporting supplies and specimens as required. They are also available to assist patients who require help in getting from the in-patient unit or hostel to their scheduled clinic appointments.

Volunteers are found in various places of the Cancer Care Program. They are very valuable members of the team who are eager to help where they can. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the Volunteer Section. 


Updated Apr 29, 2014