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Your First Visit

PeopleYour first visit to the Cancer Centre is a time when your cancer care team gathers all your medical information to help us treat your illness, as well as any other information that may be needed to help you and your family with cancer treatments.  

Before you come to the Cancer Centre, use this checklist to see if you have everything you will need for your first visit: 
  • All of your medications, including over the counter medications and vitamins or supplements. Please ask your pharmacy to provide you with a list of your current medications, and bring this with you to the Cancer Centre
  • MCP Card, hospital card or health card from another province, if you live outside of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Forms for the doctor or cancer care team (examples: insurance forms, absence from work forms, forms that confirm your visit for that day, financial forms, others)
  • Your contact information, including phone numbers of your support people
  • Name and phone number of your family doctor or nurse practitioner
  • Name and phone number of the drug store you use
  • Questions you have for the doctor
  • A family member or friend. He or she can help you remember things you have been told or hear something you might have missed
  • Change for the parking meters

There may be situations where the distance you need to travel from your home to a Cancer Centre is too far to do in one day. The Cancer Care Program can recommend various places to stay.

St. John’s
There are two hostels located in St. John’s. The Agnes Cowan Hostel provides accommodations at a reduced rate, for out-of-town patients and families who are receiving health care in St. John’s. The hostel is located next to the Health Sciences Centre. For more information, or to book a room, please contact the hostel at (709) 777-6831 or (709) 777-6832. 

The second hostel, Daffodil Place, is operated by the Canadian Cancer Society. It is available to cancer patients, and their caregivers, who must  travel to St. John’s for cancer treatment. Daffodil Place is located at 70 Ropewalk Lane, at the corner of Ropewalk Lane and Empire Avenue. For more information, or to book a room at the hostel, please visit the Canadian Cancer Society website or call (709) 753-6520 or toll free 1-888-753-6520.

For a list of hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts located in the St. John’s area, please call the Social Work Office at the Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre at (709) 777-7176.

Western - Corner Brook
In Corner Brook there is a hostel available for a small fee for patients receiving chemotherapy. A family member or friend may share the hostel room with you. The hostel is located at Monaghan Hall which is next to Western Memorial Regional Hospital.

To reserve a room at the hostel, please call the Admitting Department of the Western Memorial Regional Hospital at (709) 637-5362 or the Cancer Centre Western Region at (709) 637-5476.

For a list of hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts located in or near Corner Brook, please call the Cancer Centre at (709) 637-5476.

There is no hostel located in Gander. For a list of hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts in the area, please call the Cancer Centre at (709) 256-5545.

Grand Falls Windsor
Hostel accommodations are located at the Central Newfoundland Regional Health Center (West Block). For additional information, or to book a room, please call (709) 292-2500 and request the hostel.

For a list of hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts located in the area, please call Joan Horwood at (709) 292-2112.

Smoking and Scented Products
In order to provide a clean and healthy environment, all facilities and surrounding grounds of Eastern Health are smoke free. Our regional cancer centres are also smoke free. All our facilities are scent free; therefore we ask that you do not wear scented products to any of the Cancer Centres. 
Cell phones
Cell phones may be used in our Cancer Centres unless there is a sign posted indicating they are not to be used.


Updated Apr 7, 2017