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1. Who Can Volunteer? 
Eastern Health welcomes members of the community over the age of 14, who are dependable and have a sincere desire to share some time each week. Our volunteers come from many different backgrounds and when they share their diverse skills and talents with us, it is a satisfying experience for everyone. We are fortunate to have such a variety of volunteers from all over the community, from high school students to senior citizens.
2. How much time should I give?
We ask that volunteers commit to at least 3 hours per week, depending on the area in which they are volunteering. Opportunities are available mornings, afternoons or evenings. While considering the interests and aspirations of our volunteers, we try to "match" the individual strengths and skills to services needed. It is this match that leads to volunteers making a difference.
3. What are some of my general responsibilities as a volunteer?
As an Eastern Health volunteer, your responsibilities include: 
  • Becoming familiar and complying with Eastern Health policies and procedures that apply to volunteers;
  • Performing within the guidelines of your volunteer assignment;
  • Reporting into the Coordinator of Volunteer Resources or designate prior to the beginning of each volunteer shift;
  • Contacting the Coordinator of Volunteer Resources or designate if you cannot attend your volunteer shift;
  • Being reliable and committed;
  • Being aware of and maintaining patient, client, resident privacy and confidentiality at all times;
  • Reporting unexpected events, occurrences and/or incidents; and
  • Supporting Eastern Health’s values of respect, integrity, connectedness, excellence and fairness.
4. What should I do if I am unable to fulfill my scheduled volunteer shift?
If you are unable to fulfill your scheduled shift, need to take an extended leave of absence, or are prevented from volunteering due to adverse weather conditions, please notify the Coordinator, Volunteer Resources or designate within a reasonable time frame.
5. What should I wear while I am volunteering?
On your start date, a laminated photo ID and at some sites a volunteer uniform will be issued to you. This is to ensure that volunteers are identifiable to staff, security, and patients, residents and clients. If no volunteer uniform has been provided to you, you are requested to wear clothing appropriate to a health care setting. The Coordinator, Volunteer Resources will discuss appropriate dress with you during your orientation.
6. Am I allowed to use my mobile/cellular phone while volunteering?
Personal electronic devises such as IPods or cell phones should be kept in your volunteer locker or other secure location while you are volunteering. If you must use your cell phone while volunteering, signage within Eastern Health indicates where cell phone use is permitted.

7. What should I do if the facility I volunteer in is closed to volunteers?
Due to infectious outbreaks or other health concerns it is common for a health facility to limit its access to volunteers and visitors. This is to ensure the health and safety of our patients, clients, residents, staff, visitors and volunteers. You will be notified if volunteer program/activities are canceled and/or if the facility is closed to volunteers/visitors.
8. Is there parking available at the site at which I will be volunteering?
Volunteers with vehicles may use the parking facilities provided at the site at which they are volunteering. Parking permits may be issued at some sites. Please check with your respective Coordinator. You may also park in designated metered parking, if available. Parking fines are the responsibility of the volunteer.
Eastern Health offers a shuttle bus service that services the Health Sciences Centre/Janeway, Waterford Hospital and St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Volunteers may use this service if needed for their volunteer placement. Please see the posted schedule within your assigned facility.

9. Does Eastern Health have smoke-free regulations?
Eastern Health is a smoke-free workplace. This means we promote and support an environment free from tobacco and second hand smoke for our volunteers, employees, patients, residents, clients and visitors. The use of all tobacco products on properties owned and leased by Eastern Health, including the buildings, grounds, and parking lots (including all vehicles) is prohibited. Everyone must comply with the Smoke-Free Environment Policy and have a shared responsibility for supporting the policy.


Updated Dec 22, 2011