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Orientation and Training

Prior to starting your volunteer placement, all volunteers must attend an orientation. The coordinator will hold a group or individual orientation to orient you to the volunteer services office, Eastern Health, volunteer applicable policies and procedures and other pertinent information you will need to know during your volunteer placement. Additional orientation and training relevant to your specific volunteer placement may be provided by your placement supervisor.

Volunteer Specific Training
Various learning and educational opportunities specific to your volunteer position are available to Eastern Health volunteers. Consult with the Coordinator at the site you are volunteering to find out about the training opportunities available.

Safety Education
Eastern Health delivers safety education at least annually to all staff, service providers and volunteers. Examples of such education topics include infection prevention, violence prevention and clinical safety. Communication to volunteers will be made when such training is needed. 
Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) Education
In support of the PHIA, all health care workers (including volunteers,) are required to complete PHIA education. This training is available online and is intended for all who are in direct contact with personal health information and those who are not.

Volunteers should follow the ‘not registered? Click here’ link to self register for the course. At the end of the module, print the certificate of completion and submit to your volunteer coordinator. 


Updated Dec 4, 2013