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Where to Volunteer?

Focus Areas

Most of our volunteer positions can be linked to one of these focus areas:

Adult Care
As a volunteer in any of our adult acute care sites, you will have opportunities to provide support to patients, clients and their families. Some examples of placements include out patient clinics, nursing units and the palliative care unit. Activities range from friendly visiting, assisting patients with meals, to hair washing. If you enjoy meeting, visiting with and helping people, you will be interested in a placement in one of our many adult acute care areas.

Long Term Care
As a volunteer in any of our long term care homes, you will have opportunities to provide valuable assistance to our residents, their families and the long term care staff. Some of the many volunteer opportunities that await you include assisting residents with indoor/outdoor gardening activities, demonstrating your musical skills by providing musical entertainment and accompany residents to community activities such as movies and shopping.

Janeway/Children’s Hospital
As a volunteer in our children’s hospital, you will have opportunities to provide support to the children and their families. Some examples of placements includes visiting with children at their bedside, reading to them and supervising recreation activities.. Some additional examples of placements include the pet therapy program whereby patients have the opportunity to interact with your certified therapy dog, and the humor program where as a therapeutic clown, you would visit with patients to help make their hospital stay a little more enjoyable.

Pastoral Care
As a volunteer in any of our pastoral care programs, you will have the opportunity to provide spiritual support by regularly visiting with patients, clients, residents and their families, gathering for prayer and worship and providing supportive care for individual requests. Specific activities include assisting with chapel services, music ministry (e.g. sing-alongs), specific religious ministry (e.g. assisting with Holy Communion, reading Scriptures, prayer) and accompanying patients and clients to and from various worship activities.

Retail, Fundraising and Hospitality Services
Gift shops are located throughout Eastern Health’s many healthcare sites. As a volunteer in one of these gift shops you may learn customer service, cash handling, stocking, food preparation and merchandizing skills. Most of Eastern Health’s gift shops are operated by associated Auxiliaries. Various fundraising opportunities are also available through these Auxiliaries. Volunteers also provide various hospitality services including the delivery of reading materials, movies and items for sale. These assignments are excellent for people who like to stay active and like greeting people.


Updated Dec 11, 2014