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What Our Volunteers Say...

It makes me feel like I can really make a difference in a world I have no control over. Furthermore, it gives me real life experience for a career in healthcare.” 
- Emily,Volunteer, Health Sciences Centre

The feeling you get from helping others is indescribable. I love being part of the volunteer team at Eastern Health.”
- Mandy, Volunteer, Health Sciences Centre

“As a meal time companion volunteer it gives me great pleasure to know I am helping someone that can not help  themselves. To see a smile or laugh on their face brightens up my day just as much as it brightens their day.”
- Crystal, Volunteer, Agnes Pratt Nursing Home

“I really enjoy helping with the Monday evening bingo and playing bingo with the residents. I love seeing them so happy when they get out of their room for awhile and do something they enjoy. It is great to be a part of that.”
- Courtney, Volunteer, Hoyles Escasoni Complex

“I enjoy seeing the appreciation shown by the residents as they listen to music and as they sing along. I enjoy being a presence in their lives.”
- Marcella, Volunteer, Hoyles Escasoni Complex

“It gives us great joy to bring a little happiness and I really believe that we do. We’re not people who can sit home and do nothing in our retirement. Volunteering makes myself and Patsy feel that we make a difference.”
- Brian and Patsy, Entertainment Volunteers 

“Volunteering to me is a very private way of returning the care and understanding that was given to me in the very lowest time in my life, when I needed someone to understand where I was at a critical time. I received that understanding and care from a very dedicated volunteer. So now I try to pass on to others who may be in the same place as I was what was given freely to me. Thank God for the chance to give a very little back.”
- Maurice, Volunteer, St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital

“I love to see the smiles on their faces each time I walk on the nursing unit. It gives me great pleasure to know I’m doing something positive to help brighten someone else’s life who is less fortunate.”
- Joyce, Music Program Volunteer, Waterford Hospital

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Updated Apr 8, 2015