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Promoting Health and Wellness

Promoting Health and WellnessWe implement measures that promote and protect population health and help prevent disease and injury.

The Primary Initiatives Include:
  • Health protection
  • Health promotion 
  • Disease and injury prevention
  • Health surveillance
  • Population health assessment

Health Protection

Health protection includes the regulatory framework, programs and services for the control of diseases and protection from public health threats. Health protection identifies, reduces and eliminates hazards and risk to the health of individuals and communities. Health protection is delivered within the context of current legislation, where applicable. 
Health Promotion
Health promotion is the process of enabling individuals, families and communities to increase control over and to improve their own health. Health promotion programs and services involve the work of many internal and external partners working together.
  • Learn more about health promotion by visiting the Your Health section.

Promoting Health for our Staff

National Quality Institute's Progressive Excellence Program
The National Quality Institute’s Progressive Excellence Program helps organizations to see how they are progressing toward the Canada Awards for Excellence – Canada's highest, most prestigious recognition for outstanding work on quality and/or healthy workplace factors. At each level there is an evaluation. If the organization has passed the qualifications for that level, they can then move on to the next level until they can apply for the Canada Awards for Excellence.
LEVEL 1 | Foundation
Level 1 focuses on your organization’s approach to excellence. You demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and are implementing a long-term strategy.

LEVEL 2 | Transformation
Level 2 builds on the foundation of commitment. You show a wide understanding of your approach to excellence and can demonstrate improvement and good results in several key areas.

LEVEL 3 | Role Model
At Level 3, your organization demonstrates wide implementation of its strategic focus on excellence through understanding and applying NQI criteria, with positive results achieved in all key areas.

LEVEL 4 | World Class
Level 4 builds on the other levels. Your organization can demonstrate that it has achieved good to excellent overall results and trends from improvement efforts.

Disease and Injury Prevention
Many illnesses can either be prevented or delayed and injuries can be avoided.  Actions include programs and services that are focused on eradicating, eliminating or minimizing the impacts of disease and disability. Programs and services vary depending on the incidence or potential for disease, illness or injury identified in particular areas of the region. 
Health Surveillance
Health surveillance involves the systematic and ongoing collection, analysis and dissemination of public health data. Intended for early detection and control of outbreaks and identification of disease trends that cause illness, this assists with our understanding of the impacts and efforts to improve health and reduce the impact of disease.
Population Health Assessment
Population health assessment identifies the factors that underlie good health and those that create risks. These assessments lead to better services and policies.  Initiatives include community health needs assessments and health status reports.
Employee Family Assistance ProgramEFAP is a short-term employee benefit program. It provides CONFIDENTIAL, professional assessment, referral, and follow-up services to assist employees and their family members experiencing personal problems that could be associated with their home or work life or a combination of the two. Some of the areas that EFAP provides assistance in are: mental health concerns, addictions, grief/loss, stress management, family concerns, relationship concerns, financial concerns, coping with illness, and critical incident stress management (CISM).
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Updated Jun 30, 2015