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Managing Resources

Managing ResourcesOne of the greatest impacts on the health system comes from changing demographics. Between the Census years of 1996 and 2006 the Eastern Health region experienced dramatic increases in older age groups while younger age groups declined. At the same time, there are regional disparities whereby some communities have experienced growth in the numbers of young families. Such shifting demographics have a major impact on the types of services we offer and how these services are delivered. From a human resource perspective, recruitment and retention continues to be a challenge, particularly as Eastern Health’s workforce ages.
Despite the challenging environment, Eastern Health is unwavering in its commitment to provide the highest quality care. Our greatest strength is the dedication of our employees, physicians, volunteers and Board of Trustees as we strive to attain our vision of Healthy People, Healthy Communities.
What is Benchmarking?
Benchmarking Eastern Health against other health care providers means comparing our processes and expenses against others to see if there are ways we can do things more efficiently. It is NOT about reducing services, quality, or outcomes. It isn’t about making people work harder or reducing the quality of our work life. It is about asking, how do we compare with our peers? Are there ways we could do this more efficiently?

This is not an operational review; it is an operational improvement process.

Eastern Health has been working closely with the Department of Health and Community Services and other stakeholders to establish appropriate wait time benchmarks. Research into best practices also helps determine acceptable wait times and utilization of evidence will assist decision makers, health care providers and clients to understand the complexities associated with access to priority health care services.
Numerous strategies have been undertaken to meet, exceed and/or maintain benchmarks, many of which are national; however further work is needed to refine these strategies, identify appropriate targets and develop new approaches to improve access over time. While the issues are complex, they do present opportunities for Eastern Health to emerge as a leader in responding to the challenges and barriers and to set an example from which other organizations can benefit.
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Updated Jun 19, 2014