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Setting Goals

Setting GoalsLike most jurisdictions, Eastern Health faces increasingly diverse needs and increasing expectations of the population. We are challenged with balancing the need for preventative approaches, which are known to improve health outcomes over the long term, with the expectation of immediate treatment and care of current health problems. 

Residents of this province have numerous risk factors for chronic diseases such as diabetes and asthma. For instance, the rate of obesity in this province is 63.5% while the rate for Canada is 50.9%. Such factors have implications for the health of our citizens and communities, as well as for the health system, overall. There are competing priorities between providing treatment for illness and injury with redistributing resources to focus on preventative approaches and health promotion. At the same time, there is also growing public awareness of these public health issues. In its Strategic Plan 2011-13, Eastern Health has identified population health as one of its priorities.
Priority Areas

Strategic Priorities 2011-14The Board of Trustees has identified four priority areas on which to focus in its strategic plan for 2011-14. Within each priority area, goals and yearly objectives have been developed, which will guide the organization for the next three years. Indicators associated with each of the goals and the first year’s objectives provide a reference point to determine the organization’s progress toward achieving these goals and objectives. Indicators for the second and third year of the plan will be developed in subsequent annual performance reports, as the progress of the first year will impact on the following years. The Department of Health and Community Services’ Strategic Directions will be addressed through these priority areas and through various other planning processes within Eastern Health.


Updated Dec 14, 2011