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Assessing Needs

Needs AssessmentsNeeds Assessment

A community health needs assessment gathers information about the health of a particular area from both a factual and an opinion perspective. Once issues are identified, they are prioritized and recommendations are made around the issues. This provides Eastern Health with a better understanding of what communities feel they need in order to be healthier.

Eastern Health’s Board of Trustees identified community needs assessments as a priority for the organization. These assessments were an opportunity to learn about all those things that help to make people healthy, from the level of employment and education to personal health practices and social support networks, by gathering information in a particular geographic area.
The needs assessment process will give us the kind of solid information that we at Eastern Health need - information which will also prove helpful to you, our community partners as we work together to improve health and well-being in this region.

Eastern Health has completed community health needs assessments on all areas of the region:

Eastern Health partnered with the Bell Island Health and Wellness Committee to conduct a needs assessment on:


Updated Nov 1, 2013