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Strategic Plan 2011-2014 Healthy People, Healthy Communities
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Our Vision

The vision of Eastern Health is Healthy People, Healthy Communities.

This vision is based on the understanding that both the individual and the community have important roles to play in maintaining good health.  Healthy communities enhance the health of individuals, and when individuals are healthy, communities are healthy overall.

Eastern Health holds a firm belief that communities have the collective wisdom and ability to develop programs to promote healthy living and is committed to working with its many partners to achieve the vision of Healthy People, Healthy Communities.

Our Mission 
Mission: By March 31, 2017, Eastern Health will have improved programs and services to increase its safety, quality, accessibility, efficiency and sustainability and to contribute to the overall health of the population.
Measure: Improved programs and services
  • Increased safety and quality
  • Increased rate of client satisfaction
  • Improved access to selected services
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Balanced budgets
  • Monitored outcomes in selected areas of population health

The mission statement for 2011-2017 reflects the organization’s commitment to providing the best possible care and service to its patients/clients/residents, their families and communities.  It also reflects the organization’s commitment to a sustainable system and ties to the overall vision of Healthy People, Healthy Communities.  The mission statement is written to incorporate six years, or two planning cycles (2011-14 and 2014-2017).

Our Values

Eastern Health’s core values provide meaning and direction to its employees, physicians, and volunteers in providing quality programs and services. 

Respect - Recognizing, celebrating and valuing the uniqueness of each patient/client/resident, employee, discipline, workplace and community that together are Eastern Health. 

Integrity - Valuing and facilitating honesty and open communication across employee groups and communities as well as with patients/clients/residents of Eastern Health.

Fairness - Valuing and facilitating equity and justice in the allocation of our resources.

Connectedness - Recognizing and celebrating the strength of each part, both within and beyond the structure, that creates the whole of Eastern Health. 

Excellence - Valuing and promoting the pursuit of excellence in Eastern Health.


Updated Jan 10, 2012