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Eastern Health's Employee Promise: Together We Can

Our Employee Promise

At Eastern Health, we believe that our most important job is to deliver quality programs and services in a caring manner, and we know that Together, We Can.

We believe in our employees. We believe that every member of the Eastern Health team plays an important role in providing the best care possible to our clients, residents, patients and their families.

At Eastern Health our employees go the extra mile.

Working in a high profile organization that is deeply rooted in the communities it serves has its challenges, but it also provides many opportunities to demonstrate what we value.  Eastern Health employees are trustworthy, honest and protect confidentiality. They work safely and make their best efforts every day and in every circumstance to follow policies and guidelines.

Our employees are our most valuable resource in providing quality care and service.

They are professionals; dependable, accountable, reliable, respectful and committed to lifelong development and improvement.

Together, we canWe want a career with Eastern Health to be rewarding. Our employees like the work they do and we want them to feel supported, developed and appreciated for their commitment to innovation, learning, growth and excellence.

At Eastern Health, we want to have a healthy work environment where staff are encouraged to take initiative, to reach out and connect with colleagues from across the organization, and to try new things – all with an aim to improve processes, approaches and outcomes, and to improve the quality of work life at Eastern Health.

We support our decisions with the best evidence available, which includes the opinions and experiences of our expert teams.

In health care, change is constant. We believe that creating an environment that nurtures ongoing change will help us achieve our vision, and our staff are an integral part of making and implementing change. We promise to engage our employees in decisions whenever we can, to respect their opinions always, and to communicate openly and regularly across the entire organization.

We are committed to fair and equitable treatment and to working to address and prevent conflict and to translate policies and strategies into realistic and achievable plans and actions.

Bringing our best to the public takes a shared commitment from staff and management.  So, what we ask in return is a commitment to excellence and a promise to be there, everyday. Together, we can provide the best care and service to the people we serve.
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Updated Apr 8, 2013