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Wellness Coalitions

Regional Wellness Coalitions

There are two wellness coalitions in the area served by Eastern Health. The Rural Avalon and Peninsula areas are served by the Eastern Regional Wellness Coalition (ERWC). St. John’s and area are served by the Wellness Coalition-Avalon East (WCAE).
The coalitions are two of six wellness coalitions in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. They are comprised of government and non-government agencies, community groups and organizations, schools and individuals with an interest in promoting wellness and improving the health and well being of people in the region. Eastern Health is the lead organization for the Coalitions, providing resources and support to the Coalitions’ operations.

The Coalitions encourage community engagement that allows people to have ownership of and involvement in the identification, development and delivery of activities that promote the health of their community. 

To become a member of the Coalition in your area or for more information check out:


Updated Apr 9, 2013