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Long-Term Care

We understand the importance of residents and their families to stay up-to-date with COVID-19 information. 
Since February 14, 2021, during the recent COVID-19 outbreak, admissions to long-term care facilities are limited to urgent cases only.  
Full visitor restrictions are also in effect at all long-term care facilities in the Eastern Health region.
This means that all in-person visits to residents in long-term care facilities are suspended until further notice and the general public are asked not to visit residents during this time. 
For more information, please see Visitation and Support Persons. For direction on palliative care and end-of life visitation, please discuss the specific situation with your health-care team. 
Support persons
In certain exceptional circumstances, residents may be permitted one designated support person/caregiver while these restrictions are in place, consistent with Eastern Health’s Family Presence and General Visitation policy.
A support person may be a relative, legal guardian, friend, or formal/informal caregiver who provides direct care to the client (e.g. including assistance with feeding, mobility, personal care, communication assistance or assistance with significant behavioural symptoms.) If you feel a support person/caregiver is required, please discuss your request with your care-team.

This measure is in place to protect elderly residents, and those with weakened immune systems or underlying medical conditions who are at a higher risk of developing complications from COVID-19. The well-being of people in our residential care settings is paramount.

Virtual visitation
Virtual visitation can be an alternate way to connect with loved ones during these visitor restrictions. To arrange for a virtual visit, please also discuss your request with the care team.
We encourage you to visit, for more information about long-term care and the pandemic. 


Updated Feb 16, 2021