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Cancer Care Program

Cancer Care services across the province are continuing during COVID-19. If there is a change to your scheduled appointment, you will be notified.

Patients whose health status has worsened or those who have questions or concerns should speak with their primary care provider, or call the Cancer Centre triage line, at 709-777-6480.
Cancer Care Patients
If there is a change to your scheduled cancer care appointment, you will be notified. 
If you are feeling well, it is important to ensure your cancer care continues as scheduled. Please visit the Cancer Care website for a listing of frequently asked questions for cancer care patients related to COVID-19.
If you have questions regarding your cancer therapy, concerns surrounding COVID-19 or symptoms you are experiencing and whether you should go to an Emergency Department, you may call the Cancer Centre triage line, at 709-777-6480, to review your symptoms with a nurse.
Medical imaging examinations and follow-up appointments for Cancer Care patients are going ahead. Due to COVID-19, patients can expect slight changes to the original appointment date and time. Medical imaging booking clerks are calling all Cancer Care patients to confirm appointments. Please wait to hear from clerical staff before proceeding to your appointment. If cancer care patients have not received a call within a week of their scheduled appointment, they may call 709-777-9729 to confirm that their appointment is proceeding. 
Support Persons
For the protection of our cancer patients, we ask that you come to your treatment appointments unaccompanied. Treatment appointments include chemotherapy appointments, radiation appointments, and bloodwork appointments.
One identified support person may be present for patients:
  • who have a reasonable expectation of receiving information which may have significant implications for the future health of the patient; or,
  • who has specific challenges resulting in compromised comprehension, decision making or mobility due to disability or onset of a medical condition.
  • If the patient/family identifies a need for a support person related to the above criteria, the support person would be allowed.
The support person will be screened prior to entering the facility.
For more information please visit  
Cancer Care Screening
Screening for breast, colorectal and cervical cancer is an important part of taking care of our health and well-being. 
Cancer screening services have resumed throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. For information on our cancer screening services, including contact information, please visit  


Updated Aug 7, 2020