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Patient and Family Advisory Council

Client- and family-centred care is an approach to health care that is based on mutually beneficial partnerships among health-care providers, patients and families.
Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) for the Dr. L.A. Miller Centre
The Dr. L.A. Miller Centre is the provincial site for adult rehabilitation, with services under the umbrella of the Regional Adult Rehabilitation, Geriatrics and Palliative Care Program. This PFAC aims to support the areas of adult rehabilitation and geriatric care. Palliative care is supported through a separate advisory process.   
We are committed to engaging with the people of the province to establish priorities and to ensure that program decisions are informed by the input of patients and families that use our services.
Recruitment of Volunteer Advisors for the Dr. L.A. Miller Centre
Patients and families play an important role at the Dr. L.A. Miller Centre as we work together to help people live their best possible life. The establishment of the Dr. L.A. Miller Centre PFAC will identify potential opportunities for patients and families to participate in improving their experience. This PFAC will include individuals (former patients and family caregivers,) front line staff, health-care professionals and program leaders. Orientation will be provided to members through a coordinated approach outlined by the Client- and Family-Centred Care Steering Committee of Eastern Health
We’re in the process of establishing a client and family advisory council. If you are interested, please read on. Instructions on how to apply are at the end of the page.
The purpose of the Dr. L.A. Miller Centre PFAC is to create a forum where patients and family members from across the province can provide insight, advice and support on a person-centred approach to the care experience. 
Roles and responsibilities of the PFAC: 
  • Provide input and feedback on initiatives to ensure that they are patient- and family-centred in design, delivery and operation. 
  • Develop regional and provincial linkages to enhance rehabilitation and geriatrics care. 
  • Provide input into ways and means to enhance the rehabilitation and geriatrics experiences including diagnosis, treatment interventions and building capacity in our communities.
Accountabilities of membership
As a member of the PFAC, you need to: 
  • be committed to building a partnership of advisors and staff that work together to understand the needs of the patients and families you represent. 
  • collaborate on agenda items and priority areas of PFAC work. 
  • uphold the values of Eastern Health in conducting the business of PFAC. 
  • respect and understand the difference between advisory and advocacy roles and the Council’s duty to represent the collective voice of all patients and families. 
  • respect the confidentiality of the information and material presented and discussed. 
  • regularly attend, prepare for (review minutes and reports) and participate in Council meetings. 
  • participate in various projects (focus groups, interviews, process improvement initiatives) as required. 
  • participate in periodic evaluations of the patient and family engagement process to assist in ongoing improvements of the work of the Council. 
The successful candidate must be:
  • a person who has had a care experience with the Dr. L.A. Miller Centre in the past three years and/or the family member of a patient who has received care within the last three years or who is currently having an experience of care within the Adult Rehabilitation and Geriatric Care program;
  • aged 18 years or above;
  • comfortable communicating in a group setting and working with others;
  • a good listener;
  • able to use their personal experience positively and look beyond your own personal experiences;
  • able to work together with other families and health-care providers;
  • respectful of others and their views;
  • flexible and patient;
  • able to keep private things private; and
  • willing to make a two-year volunteer commitment and participate in and attend volunteer orientation.
Apply now!
If you feel you meet these criteria and are interested in becoming an advisor with the Dr. L.A. Miller Centre, please visit How to Apply – Client and Family Advisors
If selected for next recruitment phase, two references, a certificate of conduct and an interview will be required before advisors are appointed to a council. Completed applications should be forwarded to:
Lesley Derraugh, Volunteer Resources
300 Prince Philip Drive, Room2J610
St. John’s, NL  A1B 3V6
Please contact our Client- and Family-Centred Care (CFCC) Office by telephone at 709-777-6777 or email at
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Updated Nov 13, 2020