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Other Services

Eastern Health provides a range of services and programs for adults (18+) with a mental health and/or addiction concern.  Feel free to discuss referral with:
  • Your physician, psychiatrist or nurse practitioner, or
  • If you are in St. John’s and area, call or email Adult Central Intake 
  • (752-8888,
ACT Team 
Majors Path, St. John’s 
Tel: 752-3511 Fax: 752-3535
The Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Team assists adults who have severe and persistent mental illness to live in the community, better manage symptoms, achieve personal goals and maintain optimism.  Regular one-to-one meetings are held at times and in places that are comfortable and convenient for the individual. 
Ambulatory Care (Outpatient Clinic)
Waterford Hospital, St. John’s
Tel: 777-3332 Fax: 777-3920
Outpatient appointments are available for adults who have mental health or addiction concerns.  Diagnosis, treatment and supports are provided by psychiatrists and mental health teams.
CAST (Concurrent, Addictions, Specialized Treatment)
657 Topsail Road, St. John’s 
Tel: 777-5074 Fax: 777-5170
CAST is a counselling service for adults who have both severe mental illness and addiction needs that substantially affect life activities.  Services may include individual, couple, family and/or group sessions.  
Day Treatment Program
St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital, St. John’s
Tel: 777-5252 Fax: 777-5093
Day Treatment is an 8 week adult group program which runs from Monday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.   
The program can help individuals avoid hospitalization for mental health concerns or to transition out of hospital.  Referral by a psychiatrist is needed.
Forensic Unit
Waterford Hospital, St. John’s
Tel: 777-3300
This is a medium security hospital unit which provides court ordered assessments, treatment for individuals under the Prisons Act and detention and treatment of individuals who are found to be not criminally responsible (NCR) due to a mental disorder.  Follow up is provided after hospital discharge or after serving sentences. 
Mental Health Court 
Tel: 726 8966 Fax: 777 7878
This Court is designed to provide an increased level of support, both medical and community-based, to accused individuals appearing before it.  It is located in St. John’s, and open to anyone in the province who is able to attend court and treatment in St. John’s.  For more information:
Occupational Therapy
Waterford Hospital, St. John’s 
Tel: 777-3828 Fax: 777-3006 
Occupational therapists assist individuals and families to re-gain or maintain their activities at home, school and work.  Services are available to those who are in the hospital and to those who are living at home. 
657 Topsail Road, St. John’s
Tel: 777-5074 Fax: 777-5170 
Outreach counsellors are available to individuals and families in St. John’s and area who are disconnected from mental health and/or addiction supports.  Services can include crisis intervention, assessment, brief counselling, nursing primary health care assessment and treatment, referral, advocacy and system navigation in order to meet various needs.
PIER Program (Psychosis Intervention Early Recovery)
Waterford Hospital, St. John’s 
Tel: 777-3614 Fax: 777-3553 
PIER Program staff are available to individuals aged 16 – 55 who are experiencing psychotic symptoms for the first time.  Diagnosis, education, family support, treatment and follow-up are provided.  
Tel: (709) 777-3551
Physiotherapists are part of the multidisciplinary team that provides services with individuals who are inpatients (hospital) or outpatients (community) of mental health and addictions programs.
Sexology Program
Waterford Hospital, St. John’s
Tel: 777-3786 Fax: 777-3920 
This psychologist specializes in sexual development and difficulties and provides assessment, counselling and consultation to individuals, couples and groups.
Traumatic Stress Services
Cordage Place, St. John’s
Tel: 752-4919 Fax: 752-4920
Group counselling is available to adults who have been exposed to significant traumatic life events, whether a single incident or chronic experiences, such as abuse, neglect and loss.  Also, training for a trauma-informed approach is also available for health care providers.  For more information, please call or click here: Brochure, Traumatic Stress Services (pdf)
Therapeutic Recreation
Waterford Hospital, St. John’s
For those staying at the Waterford hospital (inpatient): Telephone 777-3587 Fax: 777-3098
For those living in the community (outpatient): Tel: 777-3336 Fax: 777-3446
Recreational therapists help adults with a mental illness and/or addiction to develop and use leisure activities to improve health and independence.


Updated Nov 7, 2018