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Benefits of Palliative Care

There are many benefits to patients and families who involve palliative care in treatment early in their diagnosis. Research has shown that patients who receive early palliative care intervention can live longer and have a better quality of life than those who do not. 
Some other benefits to receiving a referral early include: 
Patients who receive a referral to palliative care for pain and symptom management can benefit from lighter symptom burden, feeling more comfortable, and improved quality of life. 
Crisis Avoidance 
When patients become involved in the palliative care program earlier in their illness, they’re less likely to find themselves in a crisis situation down the road. Our team will help you and your family understand your diagnosis, and help you understand how you can live your best life with your diagnosis. 
Additional Supports

When facing a terminal diagnosis, many patients require support beyond just physical pain or symptom management. Palliative care offers access to emotional and spiritual support for patients and families throughout their illness. 
Community Health
When patients receive a referral for palliative care, Home and Community Care will become familiar with their care as well. This will help smooth transitions between care received in a clinical setting, and in a home or community setting. 
Inpatient Stays
Admission to the Palliative Care Unit is not only for patients in their final days. If symptoms of an illness cannot be managed at home, patients may request admission to the inpatient unit at the Dr. L. A. Miller Centre to have symptoms addressed. Once the troublesome symptoms are under control and the patient is comfortable, a discharge plan can be made so the patient can continue to manage their illness at home.
Receive Assistance Sooner 
The sooner a patient receives a referral, the sooner the patient (and others seeking palliative care) can benefit from the unique services offered by the palliative care team. 


Updated Oct 4, 2017