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Strategic Plan 2020-2023 Healthy People, Healthy Communities
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The organization must be sustainable for it to continue to improve access, quality and safety, the health of the population and workplace health. Therefore, Eastern Health will leverage inventive ideas, technologies and processes to increase efficiencies and reduce waste. 

These efforts will help to mitigate the growth of expenditures in the province’s challenging fiscal environment..
Eastern Health’s sustainability priority aligns with two of the Provincial Government’s Strategic Directions: A More Efficient Public Sector and A Bright Future.
By March 31, 2023, Eastern Health will have improved the sustainability of the organization.


Key Performance Indicators

Remained within the annual approved government operating expenditure limit
  • Decreased variance from operational expenditure budget
Enhanced clinical efficiencies and improved appropriateness of care
  • Reduced potentially inappropriate use of antibiotics
  • Reduced potentially inappropriate use of biochemistry testing
  • Reduced potentially inappropriate use of opioids
Reduced the environmental impact of the organization
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced waste
Harnessed innovation to improve patient care and to elevate Eastern Health as a leader in the Canadian health innovation sector
  • Increased number of patients involved in health technology clinical trials
  • Increased economic development
Eastern Health will work to achieve each Sustainability objective over all three fiscal years from 2020-2023. An Eastern Health Operational Plan (EHOP) will outline yearly action plans, from 2020-2023, that aim to make progress on each indicator.
The key performance indicators will be monitored across all three years to track progress on the goal and corresponding objectives.


Updated Apr 6, 2021