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Strategic Plan 2020-2023 Healthy People, Healthy Communities
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Healthy Workplace

 Healthy Workplace
Eastern Health’s greatest resource is its people: the employees, physicians and volunteers who are dedicated to client care. Research provides a strong rationale for investing in employee and workplace health, as they are “inextricably linked to productivity, high performance and success.”1 
Eastern Health’s strategies align closely with the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.  Through this work, Eastern Health strives to provide its employees, physicians and volunteers with the resources and support necessary to achieve personal wellness, professional growth and excellence.
These efforts have been particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has required employees and physicians to adapt to new circumstances and overcome unforeseen challenges. Eastern Health is exploring and implementing initiatives to provide its workforce with rapid access to psychological, informational, technical and clinical supports, which will promote workplace health and safety during the pandemic and into the future.
Eastern Health’s healthy workplace priority aligns with three of the Provincial Government’s Strategic Directions: Healthier People, Better Living and A More Efficient Public Sector.
By March 31, 2023 Eastern Health will have created a healthier workplace.


Key Performance Indicators

Improved the physical and psychological health and safety of employees, physicians and volunteers
  • Decreased employee lost time injuries
  • Increased support for psychological self-care
  • Improved psychological job fit
  • Increased civility and respect
  • Increased clarity of leadership and expectations
  • Increased protection of physical safety
1 Maclead and Shamian, 2013, 
Eastern Health will work to achieve each Healthy Workplace objective over all three fiscal years from 2020-2023. An Eastern Health Operational Plan (EHOP) will outline yearly action plans, from 2020-2023, that aim to make progress on each indicator.
The key performance indicators will be monitored across all three years to track progress on the goal and corresponding objectives.


Updated Apr 6, 2021