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Quality and Safety

 Quality and Safety
Quality and Safety is an integral priority for Eastern Health that is consistently woven throughout the entire organization. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and Eastern Health will continue to encourage an open discussion regarding safety concerns. The organization will work toward building its culture of safety by focusing on client, family, public and employee safety and looking for ways to improve standards and processes. 
Over the next three years Eastern Health will continue to work toward providing a caring and compassionate environment by building a culture that encourages Client and Family-Centred Care (CFCC). This approach to health care fosters respectful, compassionate, culturally appropriate, and competent care that responds to the needs, values, beliefs, and preferences of clients and their family members.
Additionally, Eastern Health will work to improve the physical environment of its facilities to eliminate safety hazards and improve overall quality. As part of this, Eastern Health will seek feedback from employees, clients and the public to gain insight into perceived problem areas and develop action plans to improve on identified issues.
This priority is in line with the Provincial Government’s Strategic Direction: Better Care for Individuals. It also aligns with various provincial initiatives, including the Patient Safety Act, to reduce and mitigate preventable harm.
By March 31, 2020 Eastern Health will improve quality and safety throughout the organization.


Key Performance Indicators

Create an environment that fosters the Client and Family Centred Care (CFCC) approach to health care
  • Positive responses from clients on questions related to engagement and/or experience on ‘client experience’ surveys
  • Positive responses from client and family advisors on survey questions related to meaningful involvement

Improve the physical environment of Eastern Health’s facilities
  • Positive responses from clients on questions related to cleanliness of Eastern Health facilities


Increase Eastern Health’s focus on safety as it relates to client, family, employee and public safety
  • Improved Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio
  • Increased medication reconciliation compliance rates
  • Decreased employee injuries
Eastern Health will work to achieve each Quality and Safety objective over all three fiscal years from 2017-2020. An Eastern Health Operational Plan (EHOP) will outline yearly action plans, from 2017-2020, that aim to make progress on each indicator.
The key performance indicators will be monitored across all three years to track progress on the goal and corresponding objectives.


Downloadable Documents:
Strategic Priorities - Summary (PDF)

Updated Jan 18, 2021