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Strategic Plan 2020-2023 Healthy People, Healthy Communities
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Quality and Safety

 Quality and Safety
Quality and Safety is an integral priority for Eastern Health that is consistently woven throughout the entire organization. Over the next three years, Eastern Health will continue to work toward building a culture that encourages respectful, compassionate, culturally appropriate and competent care.
Eastern Health will remain focused on safety by seeking ways to improve standards and processes. Additionally, Eastern Health will ensure that all facilities are well-maintained to eliminate safety hazards and will create an environment that facilitates the delivery of excellent care.
Eastern Health’s quality and safety priority aligns with the Provincial Government’s Strategic Direction: Healthier People.
By March 31, 2023, Eastern Health will have improved outcomes and client experiences by focusing actions and resources on excellence in care.


Key Performance Indicators

Fostered a culture of safety and reduced the risk of harm
  • Improved Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio (HSMR)
  • Increased medication reconciliation compliance rates
  • Reduced potentially inappropriate use of antipsychotics in long-term care
  • Improved clinical transitions in care

Engaged clients and families in service and care planning and delivery to ensure that their needs, values, beliefs and preferences were respected
  • Improved client experience
  • Increased meaningful involvement of client and family advisors
  • Increased meaningful involvement of families

Facilitated communication and collaboration among employees and physicians to ensure the delivery of safe and effective care
  • Increased number of teams using visual management in their improvement huddles
Eastern Health will work to achieve each Quality & Safety objective over all three fiscal years from 2020-2023. An Eastern Health Operational Plan (EHOP) will outline yearly action plans, from 2020-2023, that aim to make progress on each indicator.

The key performance indicators will be monitored across all three years to track progress on the goal and corresponding objectives.


Updated Apr 6, 2021