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Strategic Plan 2017-2020 Healthy People, Healthy Communities
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One of the issues faced by the clients of Eastern Health is the wait time for specialized services, particularly those pertaining to mental health and addictions. As a result, over the next three years Eastern Health will increase efforts to improve wait times for selected mental health and addictions services
However, improving access is not just about decreasing wait times, it is about having the right intervention for the right client at the right time and place. Eastern Health wants to ensure that clients are getting the care they need by strengthening primary health care and community services. For example, similar to the Bonavista Primary Health Care initiative, Eastern Health will use this model in other areas of the region to structure primary health care to meet the needs of the communities. As well, with the launch of the provincial Home First program, clients will have the information and resources they need to decrease hospitalizations while receiving proper care at home.  By focusing on these areas, clients should receive more efficient, high quality care, reducing the number of hospital visits required.
Eastern Health’s access priority aligns with two of the Provincial Government’s Strategic Directions: Better Health for the Population and Better Care for Individuals. It is also supports a number of provincial initiatives, such as the All- Party Committee on Mental Health and Addictions and the Primary Health Care Framework.
By March 31, 2020 Eastern Health will improve access in identified program areas.


Key Performance Indicators

Improve access to child and adult psychiatry, as well as selected mental health and addictions services within the community

  • Decreased wait times for outpatient child psychiatry
  • Decreased wait times for outpatient adult psychiatry
  • Decreased wait times for selected community mental health and addictions services

Improve access to primary health care, with a focus on chronic conditions

  • Decreased admissions for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions


Improve access to selected community supports and long-term care

  • Increased percentage of admissions to long-term care from a community setting vs. hospital
  • Decreased Alternate Level of Care (ALC) days in Acute Care
Eastern Health will work to achieve each Access objective over all three fiscal years from 2017-2020. An Eastern Health Operational Plan (EHOP) will outline yearly action plans, from 2017-2020, that aim to make progress on each indicator.
The key performance indicators will be monitored across all three years to track progress on the goal and corresponding objectives.


Downloadable Documents:
Strategic Priorities - Summary (PDF)

Updated Jan 18, 2021