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Client- and Family-Centred Care

The Children and Women’s Health Program is committed to practising client- and family-centred care.  
Client- and family-centred care is an approach to health care that is based on mutually beneficial partnerships among health care providers, patients and families.
We recognize the importance of family to the health and wellbeing of children, adolescents and all patients. We value the presence and participation of our patients and their family members in the health care process and want to work together to meet each family’s unique needs to provide the best care for their children.
The core values of client- and family-centred care are:
  • Respect and dignity - Health care professionals listen and take into account the patient and family’s knowledge, values and cultural background. Their beliefs and choices are respected and incorporated into the patient’s care.
  • Information Sharing - Health care professionals regularly communicate with the patient and family, providing complete, unbiased information in a timely manner so that the patient and family have all the information they need to make decisions and participate in care.
  • Participation - Patients and families are encouraged to be involved in care to the degree they choose and support is provided to help them make decisions and to be active participants in the medical process. 
  • Collaboration - Patients and families are invited to work together with health care staff and administration to provide their unique perspectives regarding the creation of policies, programs and institutional decisions.
The Children and Women’s Health Program aims to incorporate these core concepts into all aspects of the care we provide for our patients and our interactions with their families.
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The Children and Women's Health Program is in the process of establishing a Client and Family Advisory Committee dedicated to Children's Health Services at the Janeway Children's Rehabilitation Centre. Learn more.
To learn more about patient- and family-centred care at Eastern Health, please visit our Client- and Family-Centre Care website
For more information on patient- and family-centred care, please see the following: 


Updated Jan 16, 2019