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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who do we see in the Rehabilitation and Continuing Care Program?

Rehabilitation services at the Dr. Leonard A. Miller Centre are provided to individuals over the age of 16 who have rehabilitation needs as a result of a stroke, brain injury, neurological condition, orthopedic conditions such as joint replacements and amputations, and/or patients who are deconditioned as a result of a complex acute care stay. Patients are admitted to different rehabilitation services depending on their diagnosis and therapy tolerance level. 

2. What is expected of patients participating in rehabilitation?

Patients participate actively in their program including assessment, goal setting, and therapy. Patients are expected to commit to attending all therapy sessions as well as doing their therapy as required during free time and on weekends.


3. What can patients expect to achieve in rehabilitation?

The level of achievement through rehabilitation depends on the type and severity of the issue a patient has. We encourage patients to set realistic rehabilitation goals realizing that goals often include adjusting to, and living, with disability. Rehabilitation is a process that is not complete but continues after a patient is discharged. Patients will continue to work on their goals and make improvements as outpatients or on their own at home. 


4. Where is the Dr. Leonard A Miller Centre?

The Dr. Leonard A. Miller Centre
is located at 100 Forest Road, St. John’s, NL.

5. Where is parking for the Dr. Leonard A. Miller Centre?

Metered visitor parking and handicapped parking are located near the front entrance of the Dr. Leonard A. Miller Centre.


Updated Mar 31, 2015