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Words from Our Volunteers

One Person can make the Difference
Our volunteers bring a mix of passion, enthusiasm and fun to the residents. We are so grateful for all those who bring their ‘caring spirit’ to our nursing homes. One smile has lifted a spirit, one conversation has started a friendship and one person has made the difference.

The value of one volunteer and the power of many has helped brighten the days and enriched the lives of so many residents.

Judy Cook, Coordinator Volunteer Resources, Long Term Care –St. John's


From Volunteer to Physician: A Natural Evolution
Shawn Metcalfe, Resident Physician, Faculty of Family Medicine

I first started volunteering with Eastern Health as a bright-eyed university student seeking to create positive change within my local community. ... more
I was a volunteer at Glenbrook Lodge from September 2009 to December 2011 while I was completing my Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. ... more
(...) I chatted with Alice just recently and asked if she could update me with any good news stories from the Auxiliary.  Alice humbly responded, “We have no unusual volunteer stories to share.”... more
I was 23 years old and I had everything going for me. I had graduated as a nurse from St. Clare’s a little more than two years previously. Back from a post-graduate operating room course in Toronto, I had landed my dream job as head nurse at St. Clare’s Operating Room.  ... more
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Updated Apr 8, 2015