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Health Promotion Strategic Plan 2012-17

Working in Health Promoting Ways:
Where we live, work, learn and play
Working in Health Promoting Ways: Where We Live, Work, Learn and Play is Eastern Health’s new Health Promotion Strategic Plan for 2012‐17. It is one of several initiatives undertaken to address population health, one of the Eastern Health’s four strategic priorities.

Eastern Health is committed to working with individuals, families, communities and organizations from various sectors to improve the overall health of the population we serve. Over the next five years, Eastern Health will continue its investment in health promotion and prevention programs and services working with new and existing partners to achieve our vision of Healthy People, Healthy Communities.

Over the next five years the Health Promotion Division, Mental Health and Addictions Services and the Chronic Disease Division‐Home and Continuing Care will work with various internal and external partners to implement the Plan. The successful implementation of this plan will require leadership and support from many programs and sectors. Programs and partners are invited to explore the potential for creating and building on opportunities to integrate health promotion into their practice.

Together we can take action. Together we can achieve our vision.


Updated Apr 10, 2013