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Employee and Family Assistance Program

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The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is a short-term employee benefit program. It provides CONFIDENTIAL, professional assessment, referral, and follow-up counseling services to assist employees and their family members experiencing personal problems associated with home and work life. The goal is to enhance the health and wellness and improve productivity of employees.  
The cornerstone and most important element of the Employee and Family Assistance Program is CONFIDENTIALITY.  Information cannot be released without informed consent of the employee or where required by provincial or federal legislation.
How is EFAP administered?
The EFAP is a service offered through Human Resources - Workplace Health, Safety and EFAP and is comprised of two Regional Coordinators. Contact information is provided below.
Who is eligible for EFAP?
The program is available to all employees (regardless of the employee's status or how long the employee has worked with Eastern Health) and immediate family members of employees.  Immediate family members of employees are defined as an employee's spouse or common law partner and any dependent 21 years of age or younger who is residing with the employee.  Family members are required to utilize their own EFAP if one exists prior to being eligible through Eastern Health's EFAP.  Employees on lay-off status, who are made redundant, or who have been terminated are eligible to be assessed for EFAP services up to one year after the date of lay-off, redundancy, or termination.
Scope of Services Offered
The EFAP offers assistance in a variety of areas including:
  • Addictions
  • Anger management
  • Bereavement/grief
  • Critical incidents
  • Conflict
  • Coping with illness
  • Family and relationship
  • Financial counselling
  • Mental health / wellness
  • Parenting
  • Stress
  • Work/life balance
  • Workplace problems
How many counselling sessions do I qualify for under the EFAP?
Six (6) one-hour sessions is the maximum amount an employee is eligible for per usage period.  Employees are discharged from the program as of the date of their last counseling session and a year (12 months) must elapse since the date of discharge before being eligible for re-assessment.  If the maximum amount of sessions are not utilized one year from the date of opening, the file will be closed and remaining sessions cannot be carried over into the following usage period.  Re-entry to the program is contingent upon re-assessment by the designated EFAP Regional Coordinator.
The EFAP Regional Coordinator may recommend a maximum of eight (8) one-hour counseling sessions per family unit, with one eligible family member not exceeding a maximum of six (6) one-hour counseling sessions.  Family members are required to first access their own EFAP if available. 
Contact Information
Tina Simpson, Employee Family Assistance Program Regional Coordinator
Telephone: (709) 777-3153 
Areas of Responsibility
  1. Health Science Centre
  2. Children’s Rehab.
  3. Janeway
  4. Cancer Center
  5. St. Clare's Hospital
  6. Center for Nursing Studies
  7. Burin
  8. Bonavista
Lori Hewitt, Employee Family Assistance Program Regional Coordinator
Telephone: (709) 752-8792 
Areas of Responsibility
  1. Mental Health and Addiction Services Sites
  2. Waterford
  3. Community Services Sites 
  4. Dr. Walter Templeman Health Centre
  5. Majors Path Site
  6. Administrative Leased Sites
  7. Miller Centre Site
  8. Southcott Hall
  9. Mount Pearl Square
  10. Long Term Care facilities 
  11. Rural Avalon
  12. Clarenville
  13. Eastern Residential Support Board
Tea with EFAP - What they can do for you


Updated Apr 21, 2021