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ACCESS: Reducing Wait Times 

I Get by with a Little Help from my Friends (3/3)   
Published on Connect Magazine, Fall 2012

The children are proud of their new ability to cope, too. “They really opened up during class discussion and it was great to see the way they would
support each other with words of support and encouragement,” added Wanda.

So far, Friends for Life has been introduced to St. Edward’s Elementary, Upper Gullies Elementary and Mount Pearl Intermediate. The program
continues to expand to new schools, with plans also in the works to run a refresher course for the students once they reach junior high.

Rhonda and Wanda are filled with hope and enthusiasm for future directions, including continued collaboration and consultation with schools throughout the region, and hopefully, throughout the province. ■

How do you feel at the end of the day?...Students Share their ExperiencesIn Friends for Life I learned:

  • “…how to cope with my feelings like angerand fear. One time I had a math test and I was a bit nervous so I did a relaxation exercise that our Friends instructor showed us and I got 20/20. I wish that we could have Friends every single minute of every single day.”
  • “…that relaxing is a big part in our life. I think if nobody relaxed we would all be freaking out. Everyone can relax you just have to try. My example is this…just a few weeks ago we learned that you can just take 10 deep breaths and calm yourself down. So I was in a skating competition at the Glacier and it was my turn to do my solo. I seen how good the girl before me was. I was nervous saying she is better. But this is where Friends came in. I took 10 deep breaths and said ‘I will do good’ and I won gold.”
  • “…that there are many ways to change our negative thoughts and change them to positive thoughts. This program has taught me so much and stuff that will help all throughout my life.”
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Updated Sep 25, 2012