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SUSTAINABILITY: Making the Best Use of Resources 

Working LEAN at Eastern Health (2/2)   
Published on Connect Magazine, Fall 2012

Dr. Lesley TurnerLean Referrals in Genetics
The Medical Genetics Program approached Management Engineering Services (MES) to provide assistance to their growing department.

“Referrals to our program have increased dramatically over the past few years,” says Clinical Geneticist Dr. Lesley Turner, “and we recognized the importance of making the most of our resources and becoming more efficient.”

Working with Process Improvement Manager Gerald Howard, the Medical Genetics Program has identified the importance of having well-documented
processes. “Through our facilitated sessions with Gerald, we identified that people within the program have their own way of doing things that worked for
them,” says Lesley. “Given our increase in referrals and the growth within the department, however, it is important to have well-documented and consistent
processes and to make the most of various skill sets. Coming together and discussing this has been very helpful. The end result will make us more efficient to be able to respond to the increasing demand for our

These two examples show that when we really examine what it is that we do, we can identify ways to eliminate waste and make sure that we spend time on
those things that focus on value and our clients. Thinking lean allows us to do that and continuously improve.

Introductory courses on the lean philosophy are offered through Management Essentials. ■
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Updated Sep 25, 2012