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Cancer Research

Clinical Trials
A clinical trial is a study to evaluate better ways to prevent, detect, or treat cancer, or better ways to treat the symptoms of cancer. Cancer treatments that are used today were developed and tested first as a clinical trial.
  • Clinical trials offered in the province must be approved by Health Canada and the Human Investigation Committee at Memorial University/Eastern Health. These groups monitor the trial until it is completed.
  • Enrollment in a clinical trial is completely voluntary and usually takes place when a person is diagnosed, before the start of any treatment.
  • Clinical trials follow very strict guidelines which protect the patient’s health, safety and privacy. 
  • Prior to enrolling in a clinical trial, patients are provided with information about the study including details about the treatment, tests, potential benefits and side effects. 

If you are interested in learning more about clinical trials offered at our cancer centres, talk to your doctor. If you are suitable to enter a clinical trial, based on the type of cancer you have, your age and other factors, you may be approached by your doctor to participate in a clinical trial.

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Updated Oct 30, 2017