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QUALITY AND SAFETY: A Renewed Committment 

Teaming Up!  (3/3)
Critical Care, Long Term Care and Community Support Program Work Together for Mission Success 
Published on Connect Magazine, Winter 2011

There were a lot of obstacles to overcome before these patients could be safely moved from ICU, but once the mandate was agreed upon and the teams put in place, patient transfers were finalized in about six weeks.

Melvin sees the benefits. “As a result of having gone through this process, we now have the ability to accept patients requiring this special type of care. We will draw on these trained staff members in the future to make it happen again.” 

Administrator Art Morgan says, “The hard work and dedication of frontline staff at the Hoyles Escasoni Complex created a recipe for success with their willingness to embrace their new roles and this change in practice.” 
Hoyles Escasoni Quote
Art and Melvin also met with one of the transferred residents who told them that initially he was reluctant to move into a long term care facility. He now feels he would much rather be at Hoyles Escasoni then in ICU, and says it is a more home-like environment and he finds the staff excellent.

Ongoing evaluation of a client’s needs and how to best meet those needs are essential to providing appropriate care and to ensuring Eastern Health is utilizing its resources effectively and efficiently. Ultimately, our organization was established to provide seamless, quality care to our many clients, and this case provides a prime example of our mission in action. 

“Some patients are better suited for care outside the ICU area,” says Joanne, “and by making this happen we not only improve care for individual clients but also allow greater access for other patients requiring critical care.”
Although access to ICU beds remains one of Eastern Health’s challenges, even this is not insurmountable when quality teamwork is in play! ■

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Updated Jan 10, 2012