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Eastern Health Stories and Articles
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POPULATION HEALTH: Promotion and Prevention

Working With Schools
to Give Children a Healthy Start    
Published on Connect Magazine, Fall 2010 

This year Health Promotion extended the Eastern Active Schools Program, which incorporates 20 minutes of activity into the classroom each day, into 11 new schools.

Tracy English, School Health Promotion LiasonAccording to Tracy English, School Health Promotion Liaison Consultant with the Eastern School District - Burin, Vista and Western Regions, “the project’s goal is to use the Eastern Active School Program as an avenue to promote the adoption of an active and healthy lifestyle at home and in the community.”
The 11 new schools that joined will not only be taking part in the Eastern Active School program but also in an additional project called Building upon Active Schools to Increase Family and Community Involvement in the Promotion of Health and Wellness.
The project started in January with teacher training, and activities were launched in theEastern Active Schools spring. The project is being funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada and involves a partnership between Eastern School District, Eastern Health, Nova Central School District, Central Health and Memorial University.
Eight schools in Nova Central School District are also participating in this project. With education, comes change! ■


Updated Jan 10, 2012