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ACCESS: Reducing Wait Times 

Diagnostic Detectives: (2/4)
Working Together to Reduce Wait Times and Improve Patient Service  
Published on Connect Magazine, Fall 2011

Dr. Sarah Jenkins agrees. A native of St. John’s and one of Eastern Health’s newest radiologists, she says radiologists rely on ultrasound technologists especially, as the images captured via ultrasound are ‘operatordependent.’ She also consults daily with surgeons, interns and a variety of specialists. In fact, it is this team interaction that drew her to Eastern Health."
As part of my training, I have worked in other hospitals in Canada and the United States, but ultimately chose to practice at Eastern Health,” she says. “I really like how the team works here. It's more personal in Newfoundland and Labrador where there are lots of opportunities for improvements in processes. You get to know other specialists and to follow your patients' progress - and everyone does want the best for the patient." 
Diagnostic Imaging Team

The sense of teamwork within the department is the most impressive that Leigh Ann Kirkpatrick has experienced throughout her nursing career. She has worked at the Health Sciences Centre since 1984, in a variety of departments, but says the past five years in Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Radiology have been really positive ones.

“It feels more like a team here than anywhere I’ve worked,” says Leigh Ann. “We have good managers and good personalities – it’s very close-knit group.” She says in addition to assisting with interventional (needle) procedures, she offers a lot of support to anxious patients. “A lot of people are nervous, especially when it comes to biopsies. 

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Updated Jan 10, 2012