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ACCESS: Reducing Wait Times 

Diagnostic Detectives: 
Working Together to Reduce Wait Times and Improve Patient Service  
Published on Connect Magazine, Fall 2011

Eastern Health’s Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Radiology solves medical mysteries on a daily basis. Diagnostic Screen Investigation—our own DSI Newfoundland—is state-of-the-art technology and Gil Grissom rolled into one.
Diagnostic Destectives : Working together to reduce wait times and improve patient services
It’s the world of ultrasound, CT scans and MRIs— detailed screen images which help determine a medical condition and then the appropriate course of action. And it’s a world where teamwork is key to the final result.

Ultrasound Technologist Harold Power traded catching fish for capturing images 30 years ago, and he relishes his role on this investigative team. Harold’s expertise in ultrasound is the result of a lot of training - between 4 and five years’ worth. Each ultrasound procedure requires approximately 45 minutes in close contact with a patient, so he says people skills are also key to the job.

“Patient interactions are very detailed during an ultrasound procedure, as people are more knowledgeable these days, and ask a lot more questions,” says Harold. “You answer what you can about the procedure, bearing in mind the confidential nature of the test you’re performing.”

Harold says his other responsibility is to the radiologists, with whom ultrasound technologists work closely. “Essentially you’re capturing the clearest picture
you can for the radiologist to read. It’s important to get good feedback from them. You establish a relationship of trust with the physician, and that trust comes with doing the job right!”


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Updated Jan 10, 2012