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SUSTAINABILITY: Making the Best Use of Resources 

The Million Dollar Solution
Managed Print Services 
Published on Connect Magazine, Fall 2011

The Million Dollar Solution: Printing Did you know that each and every month in Eastern Health we print and photocopy 4.8 million pages of paper? That’s 138,000 pages a day, 10 pages each - 365 days a year.

That’s an impressive amount of paper!

It’s no wonder then that - when tasked with the challenge of reducing costs to meet our budget goals - printing, copying, faxing and forms have all come under the microscope. On a tour of the organization five years ago you would see hundreds of fax machines, desktop printers, photocopiers and scanners, each operating independently of one another. But over the last few years, emerging technology has resulted in multi-functioning devices that offer greater opportunity for something called convergence.

According to Director of Information Management and Technology Terry Mouland, it was convergence that was the driving factor behind Managed Print Services, a new project that will result in millions of dollars in savings for Eastern Health.

“Over the last few years, IT has been focused on technologies that offer multiple solutions for printing and document management in one device,” says Terry. “Meanwhile, our colleagues in Materials Management were also looking at improved business solutions with basically the same technology. “The first thing we had to realize of course was that there was an opportunity to converge or bring together solutions,” he says, “and once we started talking, it didn’t take us long to see that there was also an opportunity here for significant savings.” Terry and Ron Johnson, Director of Materials and Biomedical Equipment Support, started a ball rolling that is now picking up speed.
By the Fall of 2011, phase one of Managed Print Services will be in place throughout the entire organization.


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Updated Jan 10, 2012