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We are continually working to improve the patient, resident and client experience at Eastern Health. We are committed to partnering with clients and families to improve health-care quality, patient safety and client experience.
At Eastern Health, there are several ways clients, patients, residents and families can engage with us:
Client- and Family-Centred Care (CFCC) Advisory Councils
We want clients and families to be involved in improving the care we provide! CFCC Advisory Councils give clients and families a way to be active in improving health care. Advisors consist of volunteer patients, clients and residents who can provide a client and family voice and who work in partnership with staff and/or physicians to improve experiences of care. In CFCC, the term client also refers to patients and residents.
Consultation Sessions: Bonavista Peninsula Primary Health-Care Initiative

Consultation Sessions: Burin Peninsula Primary Health-Care Initiative
Eastern Health consults with different groups and sectors throughout the region on matters that will contribute to improve health care. More recently, we held community consultation sessions in Burin Peninsula regarding primary health-care services.    

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Consultation Sessions: Clarenville and Area Primary Health-Care Initiative 
Eastern Health is continuing its community consultations on primary health care in the Clarenville area. Consultations were recently held in Clarenville, Swift Current, Lethbridge, Arnold’s Cove and Little Heart’s Ease.
Experience of Care Surveys
The Experience of Care Survey is an initiative undertaken by Eastern Health that provides an opportunity for clients and, in some cases families, to share their opinions and experiences with the services provided by the organization.  

Client Relations  
Our Client Relations Office welcomes feedback about any of the care or services you, or your family, received from Eastern Health. Feedback can be in the form of a compliment, a comment or a complaint.
Volunteer Resources
Our volunteers work in every corner of Eastern Health. Volunteering at your local health facility may be the most rewarding experience of your life.
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Updated Jun 13, 2019