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Medical Imaging

The Medical Imaging Program of Eastern Health provides patients, residents and clients with quality diagnostic and therapeutic services that assist doctors and other health care professionals in diagnosing illnesses or injuries. Timely and accurate medical imaging is used to guide appropriate patient care.    

A listing of health-care sites that offer medical imaging services, including contact information and phone lines for booking inquiries is available on the Contact Us page.
State of the Art Technology

The Medical Imaging Department of Eastern Health is 100 per cent filmless. Using state-of-the-art technology, all images are produced or converted to digital images. Eastern Health uses a province-wide Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) to store, exchange, retrieve and manage medical images over a computer network. Medical/diganostic image exams can be accessed by health care professionals at any time of day from anywhere in the province through an electronic connection.
Quality Control Testing
To ensure optimal performance of diagnostic imaging equipment, quality control tests are performed on all equipment. These tests are performed and documented as outlined by the equipment manufacturer. In addition to regular quality control testing, regular preventative maintenance is also performed by biomedical technologists staff at Eastern Health and by service personnel employed by the vendor.


Updated Apr 29, 2020